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Cyber Peace Club

Cyber Peace Club

The Cyber Security Club in association with Cyber Peace Foundation aims to provide a conduit by which students, faculty and staff of the school can learn and access relevant resources about cyber security, network prominet cyber security community, share ideas and to train interested student/faculty/staff from all disciplines on the topics related to computer andnetwork security.
The goal of the club is to make sure that anyone from the school who might be interested in ethical hacking, cyber security in any of its forms, has access to the best people,a dvice, resources, and tools to help them succeed.


The three main goals of the Cyber Security Club would be to Learn, Contributing & Compete. Anyone from the school who wishes to learn about Cyber Security, Cyber Hygiene or any of its extensions like Artificial Intelligence, IoT (Internet Of Things) etc. can first learn through the resources of the club, and then may contribute through reasearch, participation in various activities of the club, whichever seems other in various competitions organized by the club.