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The Need/Problem

Cyberspace is increasingly being used as a medium for hate crimes such as bullying, harassing etc. The fact that most of the victims are merely the school children, the incident leaves a very adverse psychological impact on them. The psychological impact in some cases is so severe that it leads to suicidal attempts by the victims. Growing Internet and Porn addiction among children is another cause of great concern that is having a very negative impact on their young mind. Children today spend hours on social networking sites which proves to be really unhealthy considering their tender age. It could result in various kinds of physical problems along with the grave danger of developing of mental anxiety.

The Solution

Counselling is the best possible way to counter the aforesaid problems. Through proper counselling, victim of cyber bullying can be pulled out from mental depression and one can assist them in regaining their self-confidence and esteem. They can also be encouraged to take a stand against cyber-bullying and report such activities in the near future. Children addicted to Internet and Pornography cannot be forced to snap out of it. The only way to help is to talk them about it’s ill effects. These situations hence require the help of expert counsellors.

Our initiative

Learned and highly qualified people from the field of science and medicine are also among our pool of volunteers. Psychiatrists, professors of psychology etc. help victims of cyber hate crimes by providing appropriate counselling sessions to them.

  • They also counsel children regarding usage of internet and pornography addiction issues.
  • To ensure wide availability, we also provide the virtual counselling in which we provide counselling through experts by video conferencing or over telephonic conversation. In addition one can also e-mail us their problems and we provide expert guidance accordingly.
  • Once the victims successfully recover, they can further be introduced to cyber awareness along with cyber ethics and cyber hygiene so as to ensure future immunity to such incidents.