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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

About Us

What is Cyber Peace Foundation ?

Cyber Peace Foundation is an organization working to create and uphold cyber peace and harmony throughout the globe. It continuously strives towards spreading cyber hygiene and cyber ethics.

What are the various initiatives undertaken by Cyber Peace Foundation ?

The primary initiatives undertaken by us are:
1. Cyber Peace Corps
2. Cyber Bridge
3. Charity Bounty
4. e-Raksha
5. e-Kawach

Cyber Peace Corps

What is Cyber Peace Corps ?

Cyber Peace Corps is an initiative under CPF, which is volunteer driven and with a desire to reach out to the society for its betterment. It makes available the necessary technical manpower and other resources required for the same.

What are the different associations within the volunteer base and how are they related to Cyber Peace Corps ?

There are three different volunteer associations:
1. Cyber cops association
2. Ethical hackers association
3. Bug Hunters association
These are collection of volunteers possessing a particular skill set and expertise. Although members of these associations are also part of Cyber Peace Corps volunteers.


What are the eligibility criteria for becoming a volunteer ?

There are no eligibility criteria to be a volunteer although the age limit is a minimum of 10 years.

What are the different associations within the volunteer base and how are they related to Cyber Peace Corps ?

No. Anyone who is above 10 years of age can be a volunteer.

What are the benefits to a volunteer ?

The following benefits are provided to the volunteers: a. No membership fee
b. Certificate of appreciation
c. Provide helping hand on social welfare
d. Help in future job prospects

How can I become a volunteer ?

To become a volunteer just fill in the form available in our website. You can also visit our office to fill in volunteer form. After filling the form you would be invited to attend a short training session and upon completion you would become one of our volunteers.

Charity Bounty

What is the concept of Charity Bounty?

The concept underlying Charity Bounty is that we conduct free of cost bug testing of websites, web applications, mobile applications and other softwares on request by owner organization or developer, without charging any kind of service fee.

How is it beneficial to any organization ?

Charity Bounty is concerned in finding bugs present in an organization’s website and system which can compromise the cyber security of that organization. This way, it results in minimizing the security flaws in organization’s systems, ensuring information safety.

How can our organization participate?

To organize a bug bounty, an organization needs to contact CPF, thereafter we would schedule the time and duration of testing. After the testing is complete a comprehensive report would be submitted to your organization


What is e-Raksha ?

“e-Raksha” is an initiative undertaken by Jharkhand Police in association Cyber Peace Foundation that aims to safeguard common people from social engineering and cyber exploitation by spreading awareness. Mentoring students and provide counseling to cyber victims are also a part of this initiative.


Why is awareness necessary?

Awareness is necessary to prevent ourselves from becoming the victim of cyber-crime.

What is cyber-crime ?

Crimes which are committed using Internet as a medium are called Cyber-crime. It also includes crimes accomplished using the help of computer, smart-phones or other such electronic devices.

What is cyber ethics ?

Cyber bullying refers to any incident when a person harasses, harms, humiliates, intimidates another person over the Internet deliberately and repeatedly.

What is cyber hygiene ?

Cyber Hygiene is a set of healthy practices and habits which ensures that the online security and privacy is not comprised.

What is cyber bullying ?

Cyber bullying refers to any incident when a person harasses, harms, humiliates, intimidates another person over the Internet deliberately and repeatedly.

What is cyber stalking ?

Cyber stalking is the form of stalking which is done using the Internet. Cyber stalking includes monitoring the online presence of another person, making threat, identity theft or gathering information with a motive to harass the victim.

Do you organize awareness camps ?

Yes. We organize awareness camps in schools, colleges and community. If you want us to organize an awareness camp for your community or institution, then contact us for the same.


Who carries out the counselling process ?

The counseling is carried out by experienced psychological experts and doctors.

What is the fee for availing the counselling service ?

There is no fee for availing this service.

What are the modes of counselling ?

Counselling can be either done in person or over a communication cannel such as video chat, whichever is suitable to you.


How does mentorship program work ?

A student is guided by a volunteer to technically and morally equip them against cyber-crime.

How is this program beneficial to the society ?

Through this program we aim at making the coming generations self-reliable in cyber security issues.

Technical & Legal Consultancy

How and to whom do you provide free of cost technical consultancy ?

We provide free of cost technical assistance to any organization active in the field of social service.


What is e-Kawach ?

“e-Kawach” is an initiative, by Jharkhand Police in association with Cyber Peace Foundation, ensuring the safety of any organization’s information and database, preventing its theft and damage.


What is Critical Information Infrastructure ?

Any physical or virtual information system that controls, processes, transmits, receives or stores electronic information in any form including data, voice, or video that is vital to the functioning of critical infrastructure, the incapacity or destruction of which would have a fatal impact on public security, economy and functioning.

What are the type of organizations that we assist ?

We provide assistance to government as well as private organizations that has critical information infrastructure.

Cyber Security Consultancy

On what areas do your organization offer consultancy ?

Our organization offers consultancy on cyber security which includes training of staff, overseeing the maintenance and running of high end cyber security equipment etc.

How can I subscribe to your service ?

To subscribe to our consultancy services please contact us by email or give us a call.


How can I donate money to your organization ?

You can donate money either to our organization or to a specific project undertaken by it. To donate money please fill up the donation form. You can make the payment either through cheque, Demand Draft and NEFT.

Can I give a donation other than money ?

Yes. You can donate equipment (old or new) or conduct training sessions for our volunteers.